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Big Daddy on Etsy ! This is my bigger cephalopod sculpture, currently exhibited in art galleries.

I did this serie for the love of octopus and steampunk. Thoses are very rare pieces and each comes with a certificate of authenticity. Each masterpieces was made, painted, signed by myself. As you can see on pictures this piece must be installed on an angle of shelf or console or with the pedestal (option) . This position gives him the feeling of being totally alive!

3 type of finitions:

1- Dark side Big Daddy : body mat black / tentacles and eyes gold or copper paint. LIMITED EDITION OF 12 EX.

2-Pop art big daddy : body dark blue with pink and white splashes / Tentacles and eyes silver paint. LIMITED EDITION OF 12 EX.
More Pop art inspiration for this one, for street art and colors lovers. (You can order the desired pop color too)

3-Brass finition : real brass powder mixed with resin LIMITED EDITION OF 12 EX.



Made by order, no return, no refund.

Big Daddy

2 000,00 €Price
  • Free shipping worldwide

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