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Gregory Besson had this idea during a New York city trip. A magnificent piece which represents liberty and unity. Become an early bird and you’ll be the first one in the world who will get the future most iconic armchair. You’ll be linked with Greg’s team to see your artwork furniture comes to life. 

Perfect for your loft, your huge living room, mancave, or Luxury hotel....


Sizes (110x140x120) 

Weight 90 kilos 

Spikes in option.

Outside seat in option (for terraces and gardens)

Limited edition of 12. Signed and comes with certificates. 


Steps passed:

-Molding 3D model (1 year work! ) 

-Printed prototype model (400 hours/ 25 kg PLA)

Actual step:

-Scupting by hand all the skin details/ finish the prototype

Future steps:

-Shooting for press book

-Mold creation


-Exhibition current NYC 2024

Liberty chair/pre-order

35 000,00 €Price
  • Free shipping worldwide

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